Supermarket is the best display of the capitalist system.

The very foundation of capitalist economy is taking raw materials and transforming them into goods other people see “value” in utilizing. The more successful the company is at providing the best “value” to the consumer, the more it is likely to operate with higher margins than its competition. The amount and cost of raw materials that go into two similar cars have nothing to do with the amount that a consumer will ultimately pay, as one is almost always perceived to be of greater “value” than the other by the consumers.

Capitalism therefore at its core has to be about choice; the choice of perceived “value” to the consumer. Modern supermarket can best illustrate this point to anyone who is willing to look past the isles.

As we walk into the supermarket, the “Fresh Produce” section is likely to be the first section that we will encounter. Fruits and vegetables found in this section can be considered “raw materials” of the sections that we will walk through next. We are given a choice to select these “raw materials” in the “Fresh Produce” section for building our own meals; or continue to select in other sections what others have already prepared for us utilizing these “raw materials” into various “value” products.

We can squeeze our own orange juice or find “value” in an already squeezed container offered in another section. We can make our own chips, bread, pizza, soups, deserts … you name it, yet we still mostly choose pre-made or pre-packaged “value” items for us in other sections of the supermarket.

Once we leave the “raw materials” section of our supermarket, our choices are limited to different providers of these “value” packages and the one that we will ultimately choose is based on our “value” defined criteria.

In the modern supermarket the capitalist system is on full display and it is working well. I rarely found any modern supermarket where the “Fresh Produce” section will exceed 20% of the total supermarket space. We simply choose to outsource over 80% of our dietary consumption to someone else. The better providers of the best “value” proposition will ultimately acquire a larger shelf space. Outsourcing is a good and essential part of ever expanding capitalist system that provides “value” choices to consumers.