Capitalist economy resilient design is an economic divine intervention.

Buffering is the key to understanding resiliency to withstand unimaginable economic and social stresses in a capitalist market economy. Buffering is an attempt to simplify and view already understood functions from a different perspective. Just follow along through the logic and see where it leads you.
Each time someone enters or exits a workforce or changes jobs the organization provides a “buffer”. The smaller the organization the smaller the “buffer” and consequently the higher are the effects of this change on the organization. In a large organization these changes are daily events and are hardly noticed due to a large “buffer”.
Each time we use a credit card in transaction; there is a delay or a “buffer” before our account is settled. Even when cash is exchanged between the two parties, there is a delay or a “buffer” between account reconciliations. Every account payable and account receivable in every business is a “buffer”. Every individual and family incomes and expenses provides an economic “buffer”. Ownership of anything such as home, car, computer, appliance or everything else is a “buffer”. Each loan extended in a course of completing economic transactions is a “buffer”. Each and every entity and economic transaction is a “buffer”.
In short everything participating in a capitalist market economy through the function of ownership and individual choice can be considered a “buffer”. So when a particular stress is applied to one part or many parts of this divine engine, each buffer however remotely connected to the stress reacts to absorb it in the most efficient fashion.
The bigger the size of the “engine” the more it can withstand. In the global environment every market economy, every entity and economic transaction is a part of this “engine”. USA being number one world economy today is a very large “buffer” and can absorb unimaginable economic and social stresses. We always have and always will, the system is divine.