Pony Express changed absolutely nothing for real decision makers and capital allocations.

While pony express provided a slightly faster way to deliver limited communication from Atlantic to Pacific in a brief lifespan of operation. Even considering many side benefits to new and existing business ventures, Pony Express did nothing for an investor deciding on entry into a new or an already existing capital intense industry. The reason is simple. These decisions take huge capital, vision and many years to implement.

Think about a company deciding to enter manufacturing of locomotives, planes or any new technology where the market does not yet exist. Provided there is no problem getting financing and the economic model is shown to supports the investment, once the decision is made to build new manufacturing or other infrastructure facilities, it will take years to get the required model and capacity online.

So while communication of status and progress is great to have, it makes very little difference to the investor as soon as the wheels are set in motion. Think about building Suez Canal or Hoover Dam. How would having a smart world connected phone change the outcome of these efforts? Would a faster way of today’s communication change the duration or provide any significant cost savings?

What I’m trying to awkwardly demonstrate here is that the real world of investment did not significantly change with communication. The large capital critical investment decisions are still made by a relatively small number of people, as they have been made for centuries. New technology while providing additional investment options, has no real bearing on a global large capital investment decisions.

The large investment is still made sitting in an old leather chair, sipping aged alcohol and looking far into future.